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Hefei Sun Pet Products Co., Ltd. (SUNPET) has been an active designer, manufacturer and exporter in the pet products industry for nearly 8 years. SUNPET is a BSCI certified supplier caters to all the needs of your kittens through making innovative,top-quality products with superior materials - innoxious sisal, plush, particle, wood etc. Our main products focus on the cat tree, cat scratcher, cat condo, cat tower, cat furniture. We are always dedicating promotion of our service,brand and reputation around the world. Long-term cooperation with global buyers of pet products is what we pursue.Today, Europe and North America are our main target market including Germany, UK, Italy, USA, Canada, Australia. We not only make best pet products, but also have genuine love of animals, especially as cat tree supplier of famous pet products business pioneers such as Trixie Heimtierbedarf Gmbh & Co. KG; LIDL from Germany and Worldwise INC.,USA.

SUNPET was founded on the principle that eco-friendly products should work as well or better than conventional ones and they should be accessible to everyone. That's why our products are made with high quality recycled, organic and sustainable materials whenever possible. That's why our products are in such hot sale worldwide.

Our goal is to provide the best products to our customers and cat owners. We create our cat scratching posts with great enthusiasm and care, putting a lot of effort into engineering and designing, in order to provide our customers with modern and unique products. Our mission is to become a leader in the production of cat trees by constant improvement and optimization based on customers' needs. Meeting the requirements of our customers is always a top priority to us!

Now we have made a line of cat condos, cat towers, cat trees, cat furniture, cat houses, and cat scratching posts that are shipped direct to our customers around the world.

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